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A dusting of chalk settles on the monitors on the judging tables. This tended to happen about once each routine!!Tyre marks from cranes and forklift trucks which were needed during the setup phase of the championshipsA gymnast chalks her feet before her beam exerciseA heavily strapped ankle - from both sidesDespite having her leg strapped up, this gymnast still has a beautiful toe pointChusovitina (GER) sprays the beam with water prior to her routineElsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas (MEX) joins Chusovitina in her pre-routine preperationsThe German fans were almost as loud as the Dutch!"How long until we get the score judges?" - "5 minutes"A vault judge clarifies which D score the gymnast has been awarded by holding up a sign with the symbol written onSometimes things just don't go right!"Oooooh noooooo!!!"A French gymnast sands excess chalk off the barsA coach makes sure he has his gymnast's attentionThis gymnast is neat and tidy even when it comes to his strappingA large Japanese flag with best wishes messagesA Japanese coach watches from afarEssentials for barsSo that's how they do it!