Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team of Loughborough graduates who have been taking photos of Loughborough Sport since 2008. Prior to this, our photography started in gymnastics. We have also covered a range of events for British Swimming and Swim England over all of their aquatic disciplines.


How does our partnership with Loughborough Sport work?

We are employed by Loughborough Sport on a freelance basis to cover a range of events, activities and fixtures throughout the year. Loughborough Sport utilise these images to produce internally generated media, including social media, website articles, printed material and graphics for use in sports facilities. In recent years, we have assisted Loughborough Sport with the setup of an internal image achieve of which our images form a part. In order to generate a greater presence of high quality Loughborough Sport imagery on social media, we have come to an arrangement whereby photos are now available for download from our website by students.


How can images downloaded from this website be used?

  • Personal use – We are happy for Loughborough students to use images on their own social media accounts, sharing with friends and family, or making into prints.

  • Promotion of Loughborough Sport clubs or activities – Images can be used on social media pages or websites, to promote Loughborough clubs in general, or a forthcoming event or fixture.

  • We’d love you to tag us using @stillsportphoto when posting to social media: Instagram, Twitter & Facebook


Can third parties use images from this site?

As part of our arrangement with Loughborough Sport, images on this website may only be downloaded and used by Loughborough students for the uses outlined above. Any requests from third parties to use images, must be directed to Still Sport for approval via our contact page. Examples of third parties include club/personal sponsors, external media outlets, or any organisations other than Loughborough Sport.


Can we request you to attend our activity?

Of course, we would you to message us using our contact page or via social media: @stillsportphoto on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. We will then liaise with you and Loughborough Sport in order to confirm available options.


If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us.