Community Project (Bronze) - Aquanorts 001Community Project (Gold) - Mines a Swim 001Disability Swimmer (Bronze) - Katie Beavington 001Disability Swimmer (Gold) - Jessica Swales 001Disability Swimmer (Silver) - Kylian Sampson 001Facilities Operator (Bronze) - Leisure Connection 001Facilities Operator (Gold) - Everyone Active 001Facilities Operator (Silver) - DC Leisure 001Family Swim Award (Bronze) - The Turner-Rowe Family 001Family Swim Award (Gold) - The Tait Family 001Family Swim Award (Silver) - The Mohammed Family 001Fundraising Award (Bronze) - David Taylor 001Fundraising Award (Gold) - Millie Checkley 001Fundraising Award (Gold) - Millie Checkley 002Fundraising Award (Silver) - Ethan Evans 001Parent of the Year (Bronze) - David Gilmore 001Parent of the Year (Gold) - Vicki Lewis 001Parent of the Year (Silver) - Edwin Plummer 001Senior Swimmer (Bronze) - Mark Ricketts 001Senior Swimmer (Gold) - Tony Shrimpton 001